Donor Spotlight: Richard Goldman

Montefiore Nyack has greatly benefited from Richard Goldman’s generosity, volunteerism, and talent for more than 20 years. A longtime resident of New City, Rich got involved with the Hospital thanks to the encouragement of then Nyack Hospital Board Chair, Frank Borelli, Sr. who was also his boss at the time.

“I was working for Frank at Marsh & Mclennan, and he was looking to bring local people with a finance background in to join committees, get to know the Hospital, and offer some of our financial expertise,” said Rich. “My background was in financial services, and the opportunity to learn about the Hospital sounded very intriguing.”

Rich began volunteering in 2002 at the committee level, serving on the audit and finance committees, and went on to join the Board of Trustees in 2012. He was appointed Secretary in 2015, and Vice-Chair in May of 2016. He has served as chair of the Audit and Compliance Committee, Finance Committee, and Nominating and Governance Committee.

Some of the highlights for Rich during his time as a Board Trustee have been being part of the selection committee that brought Dr. Mark Geller on as the Hospital’s CEO in 2015 and, under the leadership of Montefiore Nyack’s Board Chairman, Dick Kohlhausen, securing the partnership with Montefiore.

“I’m proud of how Dr. Geller and his management team, with the support of the Hospital Board, have positioned the Hospital to look toward the future and to continue to grow and provide services to meet the needs of the community,” said Rich.

Rich and his wife Lori have generously supported the Hospital for many years. They’re always one of the first to sponsor Foundation events and campaigns. Their connection dates back to when their second son, Jared was born at the Hospital.

“I feel vested in the success of the Hospital, it’s been such a wonderful experience for me and it’s nice to have the connection of our son being born there”, said Rich. “I’ve been very fortunate in my life, had a wonderful and a fulfilling career and I’m fortunate enough that I am able to give back. The Hospital is such a wonderful resource to the community, and if I can make a little difference with what I can do, I’ve been pleased to do it.”

Rich recently retired and moved out of Rockland County, but it was important to him to continue his work as a Board Trustee to see the Hospital continue to flourish and expand. Rich credits the Management Team and the dedicated efforts of the entire Board. “It has been a true privilege to serve on the Hospital’s Board under three outstanding Chairs, Frank Borelli, Sr., William Trust, and Dick Kohlhausen,” said Rich. “The Hospital’s accomplishments would not have been possible without all of their extraordinary efforts.”

“You cannot overstate what Frank has done for the Hospital. He brought so many of us on board to help. He was an extraordinary person to work for and he’s just an exceptional person who knows how to make great things happen,” Rich added.

We are grateful to Rich and his family for their continued support of the Hospital. Rich has been an integral part of Montefiore Nyack’s history and continues to play an integral role in ensuring our successful future.