Welcome New Board Chair: Paul Adler, Esq.

Mark Jacobs, who served as a Foundation Board Member since 2004 and then as Board Chair of Montefiore Nyack Foundation from 2012 until 2024, has left an enduring legacy within our organization through his outstanding leadership and unwavering dedication. Throughout his tenure, he exhibited strategic foresight, thoughtful decision-making, and a steadfast commitment to advancing the Foundation’s mission. As he transitions to the role of Chair of the Montefiore Nyack Hospital Board of Trustees, we are confident that his extensive experience will continue to positively impact the broader healthcare landscape. We extend our sincerest appreciation to Mark Jacobs for his years of service and eagerly anticipate continued success under his guidance in this new capacity.

We warmly welcome Paul Adler, Esq., as he assumes the esteemed role of Board Chair at Montefiore Nyack Foundation. With his diverse background and strong ties to our community, Paul brings a visionary leadership style that promises to propel our foundation to new heights.

“I’m thrilled about this upcoming transition for the Foundation. After more than 12 years as the Foundation’s chair, I’m excited to pass the torch to Paul, who is a proven leader in philanthropy in Rockland. Paul will infuse fresh ideas and renewed energy into our collaboration with the Board and Foundation staff,” remarked Mark Jacobs, Chairman of the Montefiore Nyack Hospital Board of Trustees.

“Paul is undoubtedly the right person to assume the role as our new Foundation Board Chair. He consistently prioritizes what matters most: our patients, our employees, and our community. His extensive background and long-standing support of Montefiore Nyack Hospital underscore a profound commitment to enhancing healthcare and making meaningful contributions to our community,” noted Mark Geller, MD, President & CEO of Montefiore Nyack Hospital.

We are confident that under Paul’s guidance, Montefiore Nyack Foundation will continue its vital mission of providing essential support to our hospital and the community it serves. Here’s to a successful and collaborative journey ahead with Paul Adler at the helm.

Pictured left to right: Mark Jacobs, Mark Geller, MD and Paul Adler, Esq.